9 Qualities That a Manager Must Have in an Organization

By | April 15, 2022

A manager has to perform many functions in an organization such as planning, organizing, staffing, leading, controlling etc. He is responsible to make decisions for every type of activity and the decisions of the manager affect the entire working of the organization. So, I today I have listed here 9 qualities that a manager must have in an organization.

Qualities of Manager in an Organization

So, the manager must poses good characteristic or quality in terms of knowledge, experience, education, etc. that best fits the requirement of his position in the organization. In this article, I have discussed about all the qualities that a manager should have in order to grave the managerial position in any organization.

9 Qualities That a Manager Must Have in an Organization are:

  • Education
  • Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Training
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Maturity
  • Positive Attitude
  • Self Confidence
  • Foresight


A manager must have a proper educational background. Managers these days are considered to have other educational qualifications, apart from management education.

Education not only widens the mental horizon but also helps in understanding and interpreting things properly. Knowledge of business environment is also important to deal with various problems that may be faced by the organization.


A manager has to shoulder more responsibilities than other persons in the organization. So, he must have a high level of intelligence as compared to other persons.

Intelligence will help a manager in assessing the present and future prospects for the business. He will be able to foresee things in advance and take necessary decisions at the appropriate time.


A manager has to direct and motivate the persons working in the organization. He will provide leadership to the subordinate. The energy of the subordinates has to be channelized properly to achieve the organizational goals.

If a manager has leadership qualities then he can motivate the subordinates to improve their performance and work to their full potential for the benefit of the organization.


A manager has to acquire managerial skills. Managerial skills basically include technical skills, human skills and conceptual skills.

These can be acquired through education, guidance, experience etc. But, proper training is also required in order to achieve and improve these skills. These skills are needed for all levels of managers.

Technical Knowledge

A manager should have technical knowledge of the production processes and other activities carried out in the enterprise. If he himself has knowledge of those activities then he will be in a better position to oversee and guide.


A manager should have the mental maturity to deal with various situations. They must be patient, a good listener and quick to react to situations. He has to take many strange decisions which if not taken properly can adversely affect the work.

He should remain calm while dealing with subordinates. All these qualities develop with the development of mental maturity of a person.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is an asset to a manager. A manager has to deal with many people as well from outside the organization. He should be sympathetic and positive towards various suggestions and take humane decisions.

He should not pre-determine things and take sides. He should try to develop good relations with the various persons he works with. He should understand their problems and try to extend a helping hand.

Self Confidence

A manager should have confidence. He has to take many decisions daily, he can analyze things systematically before taking decisions. Once he takes decisions, he should stick to them and try to implement them.

A person who lacks confidence will always be uncertain of his decisions. More problems gets created because of this type of attitude than solving them.


A manager has to take decisions not only for the present but also for the future. Rapid changes are taking place in technology, marketing, consumer behavior, financial setup etc. Changes in economic policies will bring results in the future.

A manager must envision what is going to happen in the future and prepare the organization to face the situations. The quality of foresight will help in taking right decisions and facing things to come in the right perspective. If the situation is not properly assessed then the organization may face adverse situations.

How the Success of an Organization Depend on the Quality of Manager?

The success of an organization highly depends on the quality of managers. Managers are the people who are responsible for the smooth running of an organization. The success of an organization depends on the quality of managers. Managers are the people who are responsible for the smooth running of an organization.

  • The success or failure of any company is dependent on its management team. Good management can make a company successful, while bad management can lead to its downfall.

Good managers have qualities like good communication skills, strong leadership qualities and good decision-making skills that can help them do their job well and keep employees motivated to work hard for them.

Key Difference Between a Manager and a Leader

A manager is someone who is in charge of a group of people and is responsible for the organization’s goals. A leader, on the other hand, has to be a person who can inspire others to achieve their goals.

A manager’s primary responsibility is to delegate tasks and make sure that they are completed according to the company’s standards. In contrast, a leader has to motivate his or her team members and inspire them with their vision. A manager also needs more experience in order to get promoted whereas a leader does not necessarily require any specific experience.

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