Cost Of 2000 SQ FT House Construction In India 2022: [Cheap Method]

By | April 21, 2022

Here, you will get to know the average cost of 2000 SQ FT house construction in India 2022. Many people have dream to have their own beautiful house. But many of them do not know the exact cost of building the house and how they can reduce the construction cost. In today’s era, so much is spent in buying land before building a house, due to which our budget staggers.

Cost Of 2000 SQ FT House Construction In India 2022

But if you have the right technology and information then you can easily do low cost house construction in India. So, in this article, you will know everything about what is the actual cost of 2000 sq ft house construction in India and how you can low the unnecessary cost.

How Much will it Cost to Build a House?

There are many types of expenses to build a house such as expenses on building materials (sand, cement, bricks etc.), contractor and map making. The cost of building a house depends on many things i.e. type of house, area of land, number of storeys etc. However, the average cost of building a house in India in 2022 is supposed to be 1200-1400 per sq ft. Now, let’s practically calculate it.

Cost of Building 2000 SQ FT House in 2022

  1. Cement 900 bags = 900x 356 = 3 lakh 20 thousand 4 hundred
  2. Sand 1640 tons = 3 lakh
  3. Iron (Steel) 8000 kg = Approximately 6 lakh
  4. 12000 bricks = 1 lakh 20 thousand
  5. Tiles = Approximately 2 lakh
  6. Paint = Approximately 1 lakh
  7. Fittings ( window, door, electrical and plumbing ) = 6 lakh
  8. Other Expenses = Apparently 50 thousand

Total Expenses = 320000+300000+600000+120000+200000+100000+650000 = 2290000

It means total cost of building a house of 2000 sq ft in India in 2022 will be approximately 23 lakh and for 1000 sq ft house, it will be approximately 1150000. The house construction cost also depends on the city or area of location.

In big cities, the construction cost is high as compared to small cities or rural areas. Along with these costs, there is an additional cost of getting the house map passed from the Municipal Corporation.

How To Reduce House Construction Cost

Almost everyone want to know how to build beautiful house at lowest cost. Due to lack of knowledge, many people increases the house construction cost with unnecessary expenses. But, if you use appropriate technique and if you have right knowledge then you can easily reduce unnecessary cost of building your house. You can use the following techniques to reduce the construction cost:

  1. Use Less Steel in the Structure :- Before erecting the structure of the house, you should have your engineer put the rods as per the requirement. Some people use more than necessary bars in their beams and pliers to console themselves. which has no benefit.
  2. Reduce the Size of Windows :- Sometimes some people make a mistake by keeping the size of the windows in their house bigger than necessary. It costs a lot. Looking at the big window, it looks good. But, it also costs more. So, small windows size can reduce unnecessary cost.
  3. Reduce the Cost of Bricks :- There are two types of walls in every house. One is load bearing wall and the other is non load bearing wall. The load bearing wall is 9″ and the non load bearing wall is 4.5″. Many people make all the walls of 9″ in the house to strengthen the house. Due to which we have two losses, one, the area of ​​our house decreases and secondly the cost increases. Because it takes more bricks and cement in them. So you should try to keep the inner walls, if possible, at most 4.5″. You must take the advice of this from a promising engineer.
  4. Do Not Use More Tiles on Front Elevation :- Everyone uses different types of materials in the exterior of the house to give beauty to their house. But if you have less budget then you should not use them. When we talk about tiles, it also becomes very expensive as compared to paint. You try to give a good look to your house only with the help of paint.

House Construction Materials Price List 2022

  • Cement Price:- 320 to 400 Rs. Per 50 kg bag.
  • TMT or TMX Steel Price:- 42 to 55 Rs. Per Kg
  • Sand/Fine Aggregates Price:- 1600 to 3300 Rs. Per Ton.
  • Ready Mix Concrete Price:- 3000 to 7500 Rs. As per grade of Concrete.
  • TMT Binding Wires Price:- 40 to 50 Rs. per Kg.
  • Coarse Aggregates price:- 60 to 70 Rs. per Cubic Feet.
  • Bricks/Blocks Price:- 40 to 50 Rs. per Piece.

How to Exact Calculate the Cost of Building House in India

Calculating the cost of building a house in India is not easy as it requires research on different aspects like location, size, construction material and type of property being built.

The cost of building a house in India depends on the type of construction, which is usually determined by the budget. Here are some factors that influence the cost of construction:

– Site preparation

– Size and type of house

– Type of roofing

– Building materials

– Land value

– Distance to market and transportation

So, this is how you can calculate the cost of 2000 SQ FT house construction in India 2022. If you have any confusion or anything to ask, pleas comment below in the box. Thank You !

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