How to Cash Out in Tongits Go: Very Easy Method

By | October 1, 2022

Tongits Go is a famous leisure card game which is most popular among Filipinos. Card game is known as most enjoyable game in Philippines since the 1890s. You can play this game on your mobile anytime anywhere and also earn money playing this. So, today, we will see easy process on how to cash out in Tongits Go.

How to Cash Out in Tongits Go

Table of Contents:

  • Step by Step Guide to Play Tongits Go
  • How to make money on Tongits Go
  • How to cash out in Tongits Go
  • 7 easy steps to withdraw from Tongits Go to GCash
  • How can you redeem gifts on Tongits Go
  • Is Tongits Go legal or illegal in Philippines
  • 5 best tips to earn more money on Tongits Go
  • How much does 100 go coins worht in Phillipines

By playing Tongits Go, you earn go coins and also receive gift cards. I will show you step by step process how you can withdraw your earned go coins in GCash. I will also guide you how you can redeem your gift cards easily.

In this article, I have collected all the best and necessary resources that will help you play and earn with Tongits Go. After reading this blog and following all the guides, you do not need to go anywhere else to know anything about Tongits Go.

Step By Step Guide to Play Tongits Go

To start playing the game, you first need to download and install the Tongits Go. It is available on both the play store for android users and also available on app store.

Download Toging Go from google play store

Download Tongits Go on app store

After installing the game, you need to login using your Facebook ID. Now, just follow all the instructions and steps as shown on the following video:

How Do You Make Money on Tongits Go

On Tongits Go, there are 3 ways money can be used. They are Gold, Diamond, and Chips. Each has it’s own use and features.

  • You can use gold coins to play any game you may like
  • Diamonds are used as “Dias” or it can be converted into gold coins
  • Chips are the actual money on Tongits Go that you can withdraw

To start playing the game, you have to add chips on the app by using E-wallets. GCash,, PayMay and PayPal can be used to load chips.

Now, you have to join a club to use the chips, play the game with other members and start earning. You can join the club by searching for Tongits Go club on Facebook. There you will find many club groups. Just join some of them and ask the administrator to take you into the club.

The administrator will provide you a code by using that you can join his club on Tongits Go and start playing with that club members.

Two Other Ways You Make Money on Tongits Go are:

  1. You will get rewards if you play the game everyday with other club members. The reward can be converted into real money. I will show you later how.
  2. You can also participate in tournaments that the game provides all the players. Cash, gold coins, diamonds and gadgets, kitchen things are provided you as gift.

How to Cash Out in Tongits Go

After you win chips by playing the game, you can contact the club administrator to convert the chips into real money and send it to your E-wallets like GCash,, PayMay or PayPal.

7 Easy Steps to Withdraw from Tongits Go to GCash:

  1. Login to the game and click on coins you have earned
  2. Next click on get rewards option and after that click on contact us option
  3. It will redirect you to messenger tab
  4. Click on FAQs option shown below on messenger
  5. Next, click on withdraw option shown in messenger
  6. Now, click on withdraw GCash/Load option, and click on GCash
  7. Next, it will ask you to provide game ID, GCash account, amount you want to withdraw and piggy bank account screenshot. Just provide all these information and that’s it.

Note: the minimum amount you can withdraw is 100 and you can only withdraw amount multiple of 100. If you have any confusion, just see live demo in the following video on how to cash out in Tongits Go.

How Can You Redeem Gifts on Tongits Go

You can not use your gift balance to withdraw in cash. You can only use it to buy the things shown there inside the withdraw gift tab.

To redeem gifts, click on coins you have earned, and click on gifts shown in the side of get rewards.

In next tab, click on get gifts rewards option. Next you will see all the things that you can buy using your gift balance.

Is Tongits Go Legal or Illegal in Philippines

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has announced that they are investigating the safety of this app because there have been reports of people being robbed after playing this game.

Actually, Tongits Go is an illegal gambling game. So, it is not allowed legally to play.

5 Best Tips to Earn More Money on Tongits Go

  1. Play the game and get paid!
  2. Use your free time wisely!
  3. Complete daily challenges to earn bonus rewards and more money!
  4. Join tournaments everyday
  5. Refer your friends and family members on Tongits Go!

How Much Does 100 Go Coins worth in Philippines

1 GO Coins = ₱0.445213.

So, 100 GO Coins = 100*0.445213 = ₱44.5213.

So, this is how to cash out in Tongits Go. If you have any kind of confusion, question or suggestion, there is a comment box below for you. Thank You!

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